Kinetic Sculptures

30″ x 30″ Lotus kinetic sculpture wall art in malachite and chocolate by Carved Lake Art. With a flick of the wrist this sculpture produces amazing patterns whether you turn them in the same or opposing directions.

Made from Thick 15mm Birch, specially made & lubricated precision bearings. These wood art sculptures are carefully hand sanded and finished with Tung Oil for a colorful, yet muted matte look.

These Sculptures are built rugged, each shape is cut from a single piece of Birch to ensure a very long life. Run time varies, 3 to 5 minutes on a single spin.

The Labyrinth Kinetic Energy Sculpture rotation is spring driven and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise after winding. The sculpture runs for 3 hours or more hours on a single wind up. The Labyrinth measures 34″ X 34″ by 5″.

The inflowing sculpture and The Antithesis Kinetic sculpture are the combination of Art, Movement and Technology. While many artists labor over their works of art with hand cutting, coloring and assembly. Using science and technology, Carved Lake Art, offers a truly unique work of art that is also affordable.