Kinetic Wall

Created by TODO and LEVA for the control room of Enel’s pavilion at Expo Milan 2015, this ambitious project equivalates the high-tech environment that surrounds it and has a double-function of both transmitting Enel’s philosophy to the visitors and displaying the consumption data of the connected pavilions in real time on the “smart grid”.

The movement of the modules are coordinated with the displayed content on the led walls and thus physically change the environment, creating a strong-impact effect on the visitors. The “kinetic wall” that was developed consists of 127 motorised mechanical elements, each individually controlled in real time.

There were a number of challenges that designers faced during the planning and execution phases, in terms of engineering and meeting the many requirements of the project whilst being constricted to a rather limited timeframe of two months.

The solution required was to guarantee both a pleasant visual and sensory experience for the visitors, whilst also ensuring safety and reliability, given the lengthy duration time of Expo.

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