Knit Patterned Pavilion

Knit Patterned Flow Pavilion by Dynamic Assemblies Lab is a spatial envelope formed by discrete knitted panels that seeks to amplify Singapore’s faint breezes to improve its interior and exterior thermal comfort.

Its global and localized forms are informed by computational fluid dynamics (CFD): its parabolic hyperboloid global geometry funnels wind through its interior, while its localized scallop-shaped panels create textured undulations that deflect and hasten wind flows.

The pavilion’s skin capitalizes on the principles of computer numerical control (CNC) knitting to create differentiated patterned membranes out of glass fiber and spandex yarns to confer localized regions of varied elasticities within each piece of textile.

These textiles interact with flexible Delrin rods inserted diagonally into its surface which bend and create the freeform interior. This assemblage of 35 uniquely shaped doubly curved panels is mounted on a bent aluminum pipe boundary frame using 3D printed joints and glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) rods.

Knit Patterned Flow Pavilion is funded and supported by a ZJU-SUTD Seed grant and the Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre (DManD) in SUTD. It is also supported by the Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar of SUTD.