Nebula Hive

British sculpture artist Ivan Black has a deep-rooted passion for kinetics and a talent for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This gift is perfectly illustrated in Nebula Hive, a 1 m high x 0.75 m wide luminous vortex of kinetic energy that slowly transforms into countless celestial forms, captivating the observer with each twist and turn: this is a traditional chandelier for the 21st century.

Nebula Hive has an integrated motor that initiates a burst of power, setting the chain mechanism in motion. Imagine the chain mechanism as a spine positioned at the core of the kinetic sculpture and consisting of connected components – or vertebrae – that govern a succession of seductive movements.

At first glance, Nebula Hive’s design and cutting-edge lighting commands attention: its luminous qualities fill its surroundings with an untouchable aura. Pushing past the scope of pure illumination, Black uses the power of mathematics and inspiration from naturally occurring shapes to create a twirling masterpiece of light, art, and motion.

Another dimension of Nebula Hive emerges at nightfall when the layered structure recedes into darkness while the glowing lights perform a spectacle as if it were a distant elliptical galaxy of stars. Whether day or night, moving or immobile, Nebula Hive infiltrates the mind’s eye, stimulating the imagination with its dynamism.

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