Neofit Roller

If you’re someone who uses a foam roller but travels a lot, you probably already know how impossible it is to bring one with you so you can use one on the road. Foam rollers aren’t very small, and take up quite a bit of room in a backpack or piece of luggage, or just when thrown into a car. The Neofit Roller is a fitness roller that collapses down to just 4 inches wide, so you can pack it with you wherever you go.

When fully extended the roller measures 12 inches long. To use it just expand it by pulling it outward, use it just like you would any other foam roller, and when you’re done, just push it back in to collapse it down to a tiny 4 inches wide!

Even though it’s collapsible, the roller is still extremely strong, as it’s made from ultra-durable materials that can withstand up to 350 lbs of weight. It also has precisely configured high-density foam that will hit deep into trigger points, sore muscle areas, and tight spots.