NP Pavilion

Saransh Architects leads a design conversation on sustainability and changing context, with an intense focus on form and materiality. Saransh believes that good design is generated from strong concepts that evolve as a response to various factors. The manifestation of the summation of these ideas is what drives design, across diverse typologies at Saransh.

One of their most recent projects, the NP Pavilion, Expo In Mumbai – commissioned by NipponPly, is a temporary installation made of plywood was designed for the Acetech Exposition 2018 Mumbai. Guided and inspired by Plate Skeleton system of Sea Urchins, the design embodies the integration of form, fabrication, and performance.

Focusing on the client’s mission of showcasing the plywood’s innate strength, a tessellating system of 720 triangular ‘panels’ was developed based on guided hanging chain models, assembled together into one continuous shell, and joined using pairs of 835 MS Brackets.

The shell designed with benefits of minimal wastage, high re-usability, precision, and ease of assembly within a day’s time, also has meeting and display areas along with space for a small reception. The yellow LED spotlights, have been added to act as a navigator element for the user and to add warmth to the pavilion.

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