Origami Pavilion

As part of Concéntrico 03, architects Manuel Bouzas Cavada, Manuel Bouzas Barcala and Clara Álvarez Garcí designed a temporary exhibition pavilion in the Escuelas Trevijano Plaza, with the objective of “making the unclear, transparent, and the heavy, light.”

A paper sheet alone does not sustain itself, but when formed in a series of precisely folded sheets, they are capable of sustaining not only themselves but also much greater forces. With the same logic, a wooden panel does not sustain itself but when formed as a series of precisely folded wooded panels, it has the capacity to sustain not only itself but to support much more. An example of this is the information pavilion at Concéntrico 03.

The idea was simple: designers wanted to create an icon with a touch of attraction, as a means of awakening the curiosity and attention of citizens. They also wanted to demonstrate that Garnica wood panels are self-supporting; they didn’t create any sort of supporting structure or foundation and only used the materials provided, nothing more or less.

They Just used 39 panels. The construction, too, was simple. They connected the panels with hinges, allowing them to move like paper. Once all of the panels have been bound to this element, voila! Gravity will do its work. A folded piece of paper. A work of origami.