Parametric Butterfly

For the 2019 edition of the festival des architectures vives — a program which sees architectural installations set across historic landmarks in montpellier — an interdisciplinary team has interpreted the theme of ‘beauty’ through a monumental parametric installation.

Tucked inside a courtyard, the artwork takes inspiration from the suspended movement a butterfly in flight, and abstracts the form of the insect to symbolize a sense of freedom and ephemerality.

Designed by Cristina Nan, Dirce Medina Patatuchi, and Carlos Bausa Martinez, ‘Papillon D’or’ is made from golden dichroic holographic mirror vinyl, which refracts light and offers various experiences of the installation depending on the vantage point.

The temporary installation seeks to instigate childlike excitement, as visitors walk through the landmark courtyard and find themselves face to face with a monumentally-scaled sculpture.

Through the unique contrast between computational design and the historic site, the space is redefined by generated spatial impressions of light and shadow. ‘Papillon D’or‘ is made of PET and vinyl components based on a minimal surface, which has been re-parametrized, algorithmically optimized and panelized.

Annually, the festival des architectures vives (festival of lively architecture) seeks to initiate a reflection on architecture and its development within an existing urban context.

Highlighting the projects of young architects and urban planners through two urban tours, visitors can discover contemporary works in unique sites. courtyards of private hotels typically restricted to the public open their doors during the festival to host media art installations, exhibitions, and events.

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