Pillar of Dreams

New York design studio The Very Many has built a white orbed pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina with bulbs shaded soft blue and pink inside. Pillar of Dreams is a 26-foot-high (eight-metre) structure made from two layers of thin aluminium, perforated and layered on top of each other to create a single bulbous form. Pillar of Dreams is made from nine hollow legs that support a mass of differently sized globes that merge together.

The orbs appear to be “filled with air,” but instead are created with a continuous structural skin of three-millimetre aluminium that is 36,089 feet (11,000 meters) long. Visitors can access the structure from sidewalks that cut across the property and pass through the design, allowing people to walk up underneath the pale shell.

Various computational patterns are punched across the two thin aluminium kins, which form an intricate design when layered on top of each other. Where the orbs merge, the perforations become more densely packed, lending structural integrity.

Inside, sunlight is filtered in geometric patterns and shadows are cast. The structure offers relief from the strong North Carolina sun in summer months. Seating areas are incorporated within the legs of the volume, revealing contrasting hues of pink and blue.

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