Pillar of Dreams

Pillar of Dreams

By: Vary Many
North Carolina


Pillar of DreamsThe Very Many designed the project as a “cloud-like formation” that hovers in a grassy plaza at the Valerie C Woodard Center in Charlotte. Pillar of Dreams is made from nine hollow legs that support a mass of differently sized globes that merge together.

The orbs appear to be “filled with air,” but instead are created with a continuous structural skin of three-millimeter aluminium that is 36,089 feet (11,000 meters) long. Visitors can access the structure from sidewalks that cut across the property and pass through the design, allowing people to walk up underneath the pale shell. It is coloured white outside and features a gradient of sky blue and soft peach and pink hues inside.

Pillar of Dreams“From a distance, the structure strikes a soft tone, but the viewer can still register the pulsing glow of the gradient within,” said The Very Many. “The intensity of colour grows as one nears the pavilion and finally envelopes the viewer upon entry.”