Pressure Fit Dodecahedron

After cutting of some test pieces for pressure fit dodecahedron and assembling a couple of test cubes Matt Blackshaw found that the width for a sturdy press fit (using ECT 44 cardboard) joint is 0.152in. He also found that ECT 44 is surprisingly strong and the braces of a press fit joint need only be a width of 0.2in.

After working out all the angles (the dihedral angle of a dodecahedron is 116.565°), he drew his design and pieces using Inkscape and saved the output as SVG (Plain SVG was the only format that opened reliably with Corel Draw in the Fab Lab).

Putting together the first half of the dodecahedron was simple, but due to the convex angles at the corners and edges things got a little tricky. Fortunately cardboard is a malleable substance and he was able to shuffle all the pieces into place.