Dror Benshetrit has created a new building system called QuaDror that might change the way you see building materials. Unveiled at the Design Indaba conference last week in South Africa, QuaDror is a space truss geometry that has structural integrity and flexible design capabilities.

A four-year design process of experimentation and investigation, Dror designed, created, researched, and finally came up with a suitable geometry that is capable of five main applications: dividing, dwelling, trestle, fenestration and artistic installation.

Dror ‘s goal is to inspire change. Working with creative and innovative experts from various fields, they aim to share and implement this geometry in urban design, architecture, philanthropic work, and public art. When realizing that the system could potentially bring a groundbreaking solution to the global issue of habitat, they were eager to complete their experimentations and share this discovery with the world.

They are interested in the transformative power of design as an interdependent response to social, economical and ecological matters. Their work is the interactive process of inventing and providing (infra) structure and comprehensive systems to improve ways of living. In effect, they believe that designers and users become co-creators.

Philanthropy is at the heart of this design. QuaDror Home is based on four identical L-shaped pieces of various elements assembled with the help of the QuaDror universal joints, and it is estimated that 1750 QuaDror Homes (kits) can be shipped in one 40-foot container. Since the QuaDror is essentially a joint connector, the rest of the materials can be sources from local areas.

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