Sculptural Ceiling Installation

Argentinian firm EFEEME Arquitectos latest project, PICCA, is a small retail store in the city of Villa María, Córdoba, that sells pasta. This family business, which started in 1954 and is now in the hands of its third generation, sought to generate a new brand image, and they asked EFEEME Arquitectos for help.

Under the premise of creating a space that conceptualizes closeness and quality, the architects and the family were inspired by a daily and familiar element, the broomstick. Stepping inside the store, 1954 broomsticks (commemorating the year of the founding of the family business) were used to create a sculptural wood ceiling installation.

The hanging broomsticks were distributed regularly in a 10x10cm metal grid, and together they create a double dome shape with their various lengths.

Black was used for the walls and ceiling to create a strong contrast and a neutral canvas for the light colored wood, while also providing a sense of depth.

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