“Swell” is a kinetic sculptural artwork by Dominic Harris for Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the Seas cruise ship. Inspired by the beauty of the body of water surrounding the ship, his artwork is always alive and in motion. Capturing the fluidity of the ocean and the marine life, the articulated form oscillates between smooth and calm ripples, then at times becoming more dramatic, as if a large wave is undulating through the piece.

Harris often references the beauty he finds within chaos; the complex systems that surround us which produce unpredictable behaviour. Harnessing technology and form, he portrays his romanticised reinterpretation of the marine environment, transforming the water surface into a hypnotic and soothing display of movement and form.

“Swell” is one of the most ambitious kinetic art projects undertaken by the artist, and is unique for its hybrid use of advanced materials fused with advanced electronics. Each independently controlled arc is engineered from bronzed carbon fibre and is finished with a Swarovski band of crystals back-lit by animated lighting.

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