The Search of The Glow

For 31 years, the Taiwan lantern festival has been illuminating cities around the country, becoming one of the biggest tourism events in Taiwan. After hosting the event in 2003 and 2015, Taichung city’s hosted the festival for the third time, highlighting the brighten taichung.

A resurgence of dawn. theme. This combines the local first environment and the image of dawn in the hope of adding vitality to the forest fantasy through traditional lantern arts.

Following the theme, artist Ling-li Tseng, in collaboration with serendipity studio, created a light installation called ‘the search of the glow’. Set amidst the forest, the minimalist, spectral installation boast a sphere shape made of wooden ovals.

The inside of this structure is covered in LED tubes, exuding a glow that covers the forest. This glow transforms into a mist that guides visitors into the temporary light pavilion.

Sprinkling the mist while attaching the tree trunk. Interweaving a scenery with the forest which is inside the deep mountain. Sight with clarity or blur. Light stream lead the mysterious mist to venture the forest. Found a light object under the crowd of trees which is constructed by blend woods.

Wood sticks are overlapping and winding as a hollow pinecone. Its construction and pattern go well with the line of the treetop. It’s a whispering between human and the nature.