Transformable Table

MIT Self-Assembly Lab has come up with an active design for a table that can reconfigure into various shapes. Manufactured by Italian brand Wood-Skin, the prototype of this self-assembling table was showcased at Milan Furniture Fair.

This furniture design dubbed Programmable Table is fully-functional and rearranged to fit any home furnishing. The active table features pre-stressed textile that allows it to be programmed to adjust as per different functional needs of homeowners. This means the table can transform itself from flat-pack to fully-functional table on unboxing.

It is quite flexible as the user can increase or decrease the table’s volume according to the available space. Moreover, when not in use, it can be flattened again for easy storage without occupying much space.

The actively transforming Programmable Table will revolutionize the complexion of futuristic home furniture that customizes itself according to the needs of the user.

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