Universal Bracket

Invented by R.Buckminster fuller in the late 1940s geodesic domes are one of the most efficient structures known to man, often thought of as complex or expensive to build, Geo-dome designers can show you just how simple, cost effective and efficient geodesic dome structures can be.

Paul Robinson has been working on  a universal bracket that can be used not only for any frequency geodesic dome but many other structures as well. A single universal bracket that can join any number of struts at any angle.


  • Jim

    Hmmm…. This works for some kinds of hub and strut structures, but it shouldn’t be called “universal” The word “universal” implies that it could be used for _all_ kinds of hub and strut structures. The design of the hinge limits the angle of struts relative to neighboring struts, which limits the kinds of structures that could be made from it. This “Universal Bracket” couldn’t be used to make a square pyramid, for example, or many other kinds of structures without modifying it.

    • Jo

      Yes, you can make a square pyramid.

  • Zhe

    Go be autistic somewhere else Jim