Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium

Ibrahim M. Jaidah (Arab Engineering Bureau), Fenwick Iribarren Architects, Heerim

The Al Thumama Stadium in Doha designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim M Jaidah and based on a gahfiya cap has been inaugurated ahead of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Al Thumama Stadium


Al Thumama Stadium is the sixth venue to be officially presented during preparation for the 2022 World Cup. It will be built in one of the best possible locations in southern Doha, providing great road and public transport access, as well as being just 5km away from the city’s main airport.

Al Thumama StadiumNew Al Thumama Stadium will have a smooth and simple outer form, covered with white cladding. That cladding however will have openings creating a stunning, intricate pattern, mimicking that of gahfiya, traditional Arabic headdress worn by boys and men.

Al Thumama StadiumThough not underground, the stadium is expected to provide superb cooling technologies, able to bring temperature inside down to just 18 degrees during the FIFA tournament.

Afterwards, the building’s volume will not decrease, but the capacity will be halved. Most of the upper ring will travel to developing countries, while an elegant patio with boutique hotel will be created instead.[3]

Above and around, the head-cap-shaped canopy will provide shade for spectators and players as part of the stadium’s cooling strategy.

Al Thumama StadiumAt this stadium, air is cooled using fans powered by solar energy and then released into the venue through large pitch-side nozzles and grills in the stands.1

Al Thumama StadiumThe stadium’s bold, circular form reflects the gahfiya – a traditional woven cap adorned by men and boys all across the Middle East for centuries.

It is a beloved part of Arab family culture that symbolises dignity and independence – marking every young boy’s path to adulthood.

In symbolising Qatar’s youth, Al Thumama Stadium also points to the country’s emergence as a major player on the global sporting scene.

Al Thumama StadiumAl Thumama Stadium’s unmistakable presence sits majestically amid its lush green surroundings. Areas for play and relaxation have been created to not only beautify the venue, but to further enhance the lives and futures of the local communities.[4]

Due to its fantastic location, the stadium will also become heart of a major leisure and sport precinct, including 8 football fields and facilities for several other sports disciplines.3

Construction of the stadium began in 2017 and took over four years. Al Thumama Stadium officially opened on 22 October 2021 with the 49th Amir Cup Final between Al-Sadd and Al-Rayyan.

During the World Cup, Al Thumama Stadium will host five first round group matches, one round of 16 match, and one quarter-final. The stadium is also one of the playing venues of the 2021 Arab Cup. After the World Cup, capacity will be reduced to 20,000 seats by removing the upper tier.[5]

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