Kinetic Picture

Is this a mechanical watch? You did not guess. This is a parametric design of the “KINETIC PICTURE”! Start the mechanism with a special key and the optical illusion will capture your imagination! Open the brand wooden box and after two or three fascinating evenings of leisure you will surprise you guests with an unusual moving picture. “WOODEN.CITY” 3D puzzle is a construction set made of environmentally friendly materials with an open mechanism. The assembly dos not require any glue. Press the parts from the boards and assemble according to the instructions. Several turns of the key and the rubber motor of the “KINETIC PICTURE” is started! It triggers off the gears. You may observe the whole rotation process. With help of the trigger lever on the right, it is possible to adjust the tightness of the rubber band and speed of rotation of the mechanism. The operating time from one start is 1 minute. The trigger lever is on the right. The “KINETIC PICTURE” by “WOODEN.CITY” is a real find for those who appreciate beauty and love science. Construction set features Brand – Wooden city; Packaging – a wooden box; Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood, rubber bands; It is started with a key; Rotates with help of a rubber motor; The operating time from one start is 1 minute; Tension of the rubber band is adjustable; There is a trigger lever; A special hook is attached to hang the picture on the wall; Assembly does not require any glue; Number of the parts – 185; Spare parts – 23 Assembly time – 6 hours. Recommended for the children aged 14 years old. It is started with a special key and fascinates with its optical illusion.

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