3d printed planters

This Paramertric Design video is about how to make 3d printed parametric planters with Rhino 3d + a plugin called Grasshopper! If you want any settings / the gh definition hit me up :] Software: Rhino 3d Grasshopper plugin for Rhino Simplify 3d (3dprinting software used with a Robo r1) Peep some files: – GH Definition: https://we.tl/FpwuZoPsYn – FFF files for robo 3d r1 + Simplify 3d: https://we.tl/vaCZdAjqUo Here are my parameters for the two planters shown in the video (the rhino file units were in inches by the way 🙂 ) Egg ===== r1=0.9 r2=1.5 r3=0.9 h=3.5 mp=0.41 uDivision=14.0 vDivision=13.0 porosityStart=0.06 porosityDomain=.1 To .6 Bowl ===== r1=1.3 r2=1.7 r3=1.0 h=2.0 mp=0.41 uDivision=8.0 vDivision=9.0 porosityStart=0.41 porosityDomain=.2 To .4 #MoreThanCoding #HackReactor

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