The Hudson Yards Opening

Visitors can now scale British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s giant honeycomb-like sculpture at New York’s Hudson Yards, which has opened along with the other public spaces at the vast West Side development. Temporarily known as Vessel, the Heatherwick Studio-designed structure is welcoming the first visitors with timed free tickets to climb its 154 staircases from 12pm, 15 March 2019.

The huge artwork, which comprises a Escher-like lattice of the interconnected stair flights and 80 landings, officially opened with the rest of the plaza and gardens, and the retail and entertainment provision at Hudson Yards phase one. The studio chose to reference three-dimensional public spaces, like the Spanish Steps in Rome, when putting together ideas for the project. The resulting structure is narrow at its base, then expands to reach 150 feet high and 150 feet wide (46 metres) at the top.

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