Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization for High-Rise
Conceptual Design
Integrating and validating parametric design, (fast) fluid dynamics,
structural analysis and optimization

Ran Zhang1, Christoph Waibel2, Thomas Wortmann3
1,3Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University 2ETH Zürich
[email protected] [email protected] 3thomas.wortmann@xjtlu.

Using an integrated workflow with parametric design, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) and Fast Fluid Dynamic (FFD) simulations, structural analysis and optimization, this paper by Ran Zhang, Christoph Waibel and Thomas Wortmann, evaluates the relative suitability of CFD and FFD simulations for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization (ASO).

Specifically, it applies RBFOpt, a model-based optimization algorithm, to the ASO of a supertall high-rise. The paper evaluates the accuracy of the CFD and FDD simulations relative to a slower, more exact CFD simulation, and the performance of the model-based optimization algorithm relative to CMA-ES, an evolutionary algorithm.

Authors conclude that FFD is useful for relative comparisons, such as for optimization, but less accurate than CFD in terms of absolute quantities. Although results tend to be similar, CMA-ES performs less well than RBFOpt for both large and small numbers of simulations, and for both CFD and FFD. RBFOpt with FFD emerges as the most suitable method for conceptual design, as it is much faster and only slightly less effective than RBFOpt with CFD.

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