AFA Cultural Center

Systematic approach to design builds for freeform
façade: AFA Cultural Center

Begüm Aktaş
Istanbul Altınbaş University| Istanbul Technical University | Turkey |
[email protected]
M. Birgül Çolakoğlu
Istanbul Technical University | Turkey | [email protected]

The design and construction of the complex, irregularly shaped, and curvilinear building forms are also known as freeform architecture, have gained an interest form architects and engineers. This paper by Begüm Aktaş and M. Birgül Çolakoğlu presents how freeform façade designs are defined with its curvilinear geometric characteristics and the systematic approach that is used to design and implement them.

The proposed method incorporates product design and integral façade construction approach at AFA Cultural Center freeform façade implementation. Therefore, the paper aims to improve the viability of the proposed method and decreasing the gap between the other disciplines and architects in a systematic way without losing the creativity of the architects.

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