Biomimetic Construction

Biomimetic Robotic Construction Process
An approach for adapting mass irregular-shaped natural materials

Chi-Li Cheng1, June-Hao Hou2
1,2National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
[email protected] [email protected]

Beaver dams are formed by two main processes. One is that beavers select proper woods for constructing. The other one is that streams aggregate those woods to be assembled. Using this approach to construction structure is suitable for natural environment.

In this paper by Chi-Li Cheng and June-Hao Hou, authors attempt to develop a construction process which is suitable for all-terrain construction robot in the future. This construction process is inspired by beavers’ construction behavior in nature.

Beavers select proper sticks to make the structure stable. Authors predict that particular properties of sticks contribute gravity-driven assembly of wood structure. Thus, they implement the system with machine learning to find proper properties of sticks to improve selection mechanism of construction process.

During this construction process, 3D scanner on robotic arm scans and recognizes sticks on terrain, and then robot will select proper sticks and place them. After placement, the system will scan and record the results for learning mechanism.

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