Biomimetic Geometry

Biomimetic Geometry Approach to
Generative Design

Aleksandar Čučaković, Biljana Jović, Mirjana Komnenov

This paper by Aleksandar Čučaković, Biljana Jović and Mirjana Komnenov provides an initial exploration of natural forms streamed into geometric patterns, providing a basis for further research that may find use in generative architectural design. The development of interest in geometric forms encountered in nature, and their implementation in design solutions, is expanding with the help of modern computer technology that has enabled the use of generative models. The biomimetic approach sets new standards in generative design.

Through the form of the flower, which was singled out as an example, all the qualities derived from these connections, and the primarily aesthetic impression based on harmony and perfect proportions of elements, following the stability, strength and power of this form, can be clearly observed.

Within the research, the study was based on the geometry of the flower species Ramonda nathaliae P. et P., an endemic species with restricted distribution in Serbia, by using parametric modelling methods and experimental designs displayed on the DVD (duplicate along curve) and the use of Voronoi diagrams.

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