Body Patterning

Body Patterning:
A Model for Responsive and Interactive Building

Hülya Oral 1 , Gülen Çağdaş 2
1 Istanbul Bilgi University, 2 Istanbul Technical University [email protected], [email protected]

Patterns in nature, either the cells forming the skins of living organisms or the sand forming the dunes, are in a constant change. Given that, pattern cannot only be seen as an absolute image of a whole formed by units, but it can also be seen as a process, which is controlled by stimuli affecting the outcome both visually and functionally in the architectural context.

In this paper by Hülya Oral and Gülen Çağdaş, the changes on the bodies of color and form changing living organisms are implemented to the building envelope as a dynamic process of adapting to the environment in terms of interaction.

The bio-system is implemented to the envelope in terms of morphological, functional, and behavioral properties of particular living organisms. The proposed model is discussed in terms of adapting its environment by sensing and responding.

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