Building Skin Intelligence

Building Skin Intelligence: A parametric and algorithmic tool for daylighting performance design integration

Mohamed El Sheikh
University of Southern California
Dr. David Jason Gerber
University of Southern California

The research by Mohamed El Sheikh and Dr. David Jason Gerber presents a methodology and tool development which delineates a performance-based design integration to address the design, simulation, and proving of an intelligent building skin design and its impact on daylighting performance. Through the design of an algorithm and parametric process for integrating daylighting performance into the design phase an automated configuration evaluation is achieved.

Specifically the tool enables design exploration of semiautonomous and fully autonomous configurations of an exterior building envelope louver system. The research situates itself in the field of intelligent building skins and adds to the existing solutions a validation of systems with interdependent louvers of varying tilt angles. The system is designed to respond to dynamic daylighting conditions and occupants’ preferences.

Within the framework of this study, Grasshopper, Rhino, Galapagos and DIVA, are linked and coded into one integrated process, facilitating design optioneering with near real time feedback. The paper concludes with a description of the tool set’s extensibility, future incorporation of domain integration, and conflation of natural and physical system interaction and complexity.

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