Caterpillar Gallery

The Caterpillar Gallery: Quadratic Surface Theorems,
Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication

Roberto Narváez-Rodríguez, University of Seville
Andrés Martín-Pastor, University of Seville
María Aguilar-Alejandre, University of Seville

The use of certain quadratic surface theorems has mainly been associated in architecture with the design of classical vaults, domes and piping. The work presented by Roberto Narváez-Rodríguez, Andrés Martín-Pastor and María Aguilar-Alejandre is intended to explore the potential of these theorems to be used in the generation law for more complex shapes in contemporary architecture.

The paper shows the case study of a built full-scale prototype, The Caterpillar gallery, a project stemming from the combination of geometric research and teaching innovation.

Formal and structural experimentation take place in this project where, by starting from geometrical considerations, an efficient way of generating longitudinal spaces is proposed.

One of the mentioned theorems applied to rotational cones provides the starting point for the generation of a set of concatenated surfaces that, once assembled, constitute a very stable self- supporting structure with a variety of possible applications.

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