Concrete Continuum

Concrete Continuum: Concept, Calculus, & Construction Connected Through Parametric Representation

Tristan Al-­Haddad, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA [email protected]
Keyan Rahimzadeh, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA [email protected]
Jill Fredrickson, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA [email protected]

This paper by Tristan Al-­Haddad, Keyan Rahimzadeh and Jill Fredrickson outlines a custom-built suite of scripts that automate the processes of reinforced concrete design and is directly linked to the parametric design model of the architect. The workflow creates a design and engineering feedback loop for early phase schematic design.

Using this system, the design geometry is generated and then deconstructed into a Finite Element model. The workflow executes a static analysis then calculates rebar size and placement, and finally generates fabrication drawings. This methodology allows architectural intent and engineering analysis to be collapsed into a single non-linear design process.