Culebra.NET by Luis Quinones is a 2D|3D Multi Object Behavior library written in C# (Wrapper around Culebra Java library) focused on hybrid system interactions with custom Visualization, Data, and performance features. It contains a collection of objects and behaviors for creating dynamic multi agent interactions.

The Culebra grasshopper plugin was rewritten to implement a slew of new behaviors through the use CulebraData.dll which is a wrapper around the Culebra Java Library.

Culebra contains the following features:

Behaviors – Components controlling system behavior

  • Flocking Behavior – Flockers Behavior Type Class Implements Flock Behavior Interface.
  • Wandering Behavior – Wanderer Behavior Type Class Implements Wander Behavior Interface, the base Wander behavior is from Craig Reynolds and Daniel Shiffman.

  • Noise Behavior – Improved Perlin Noise Behavior Type Class Implements Noise Behavior Interface.
  • Tracking Behavior – Path, Shape and multiShape Tracker Behavior Type Class Implements Tracking Behavior Interface.

  • Mesh Crawler – Mesh Crawler Behavior Class.
  • Forces – Attract, Repel and other force methods inside the controller class.
  • Mesh Color Behavior Influence

Engines- Single, Multi Object and Zombie Engine

Display – Components controlling the visual output and resolution, new Graphics/Geometry modes.

Self Org – Components which control self organizing of curve networks.

Spawn Types – Components controlling the spawning methods.