Deceptive Installation

Deceptive Landscape Installation
Algorithmic patterning strategies for a small pavilion

Asterios Agkathidis, 1, Tuba Kocaturk, 2
1,2, Liverpool School of Architecture, University of Liverpool
1,2, {asterios.agkathidis|t.kocaturk}


This paper by Asterios Agkathidis and Tuba Kocaturk reflects a collaborative, research led design project, aiming to explore the potentials offered by incorporating parametric / generative tools and performative lighting simulation software in order to design and fabricate a small pavilion for the School of Architecture.

The Deceptive Landscape pavilion was designed in the framework of a masters level, research led, and collaborative design studio. During its intense 12 weeks schedule, student teams were asked to explore and apply generative / parametric tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper, in order to design and later construct a small pavilion, with a theme of their choice. In addition, each team was asked to optimise their design proposal by embedding environmental software plug-ins (e.g. DIVA for Rhino) in their design process, thereby aiming to re-inform their parametric models and set performance targets.

Finally each team was expected to propose a file to factory fabrication technique, following all constrains of a limited, predetermined budget. The most convincing and consistent proposal, was then chosen for fabrication. The finalised project serves as verification of the effectiveness of the design system and teaching methods used.