Digital Design Ecology

Digital Design Ecology
An Analysis for an Intricate Framework of Architectural Design

Jessie Rogers, 1, Marc Aurel Schnabel, 2
1,2, Victoria University of Wellington
1, [email protected]
2, [email protected]

This paper by Jessie Rogers and Marc Aurel Schnabel evaluates, along with expert assessment, the novel, evolving and creative instruments employed for a digital design process. Applications within this paper derive outputs which are attention-grabbing. These include Agent Simulations, Artistic Image Processing, Realistic Site Geometry, Projected 3D Space Sketching, Immersive 3D Space Sketching, Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper3D, Fuzor, and Immersive Virtual Reality Presentation.

The expert evaluations conclude that all design instruments and methodologies implemented within the digital design ecology work together well for educational purposes. Within the professional practice, however, the various tools could be implemented seamlessly; whereas some of them would not suit the industry from a time-cost perspective. Throughout this paper reason and insight becomes explained and is clear as to why various applications should be selected within various modes of operandi for design processes.

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