Efficient Building Envelope

High energy efficient building envelope design with integrated workflow in multidisciplinary performance criteria

Dong Kyu Lee
A Thesis Presented to The Academic Faculty
In Partial Fulfillment the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science in the School of Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology

This research by Dong Kyu Lee demonstrates a practical design method and workflow for low environmental impact and high energy efficient building façade system under interconnected workflow between architecture design and multidisciplinary environmental performance modeling.

Although the building façade is one of the most important building elements contributing to energy consumption and occupants’ comfort, a practical design methodology to achieve desirable building performance, especially in the early design stage, is not well developed and the applicable design advice tools for performance evaluation and analysis are limited.

The latter is caused by the lack of information during the stage as well as the iterative design process which cannot align well with the early design phase which asks to develop and compare various design alternatives in a compressed time schedule.

As the complexity of façade design increases and the number of design variables that enter in multidisciplinary performance requirements increases, the informed design decision based on proper integration of performance modeling in the design workflow becomes more critical for architects to assure the performance of project.

The integrated workflow presented in this paper utilizes parametric design environments with existing building performance modeling tools. The parametric modeling platform can easily generate various alternatives with different parameters, and it can also simultaneously provide information regarding
building performance as result of design parameter updates.

This can compress the design cycle time dramatically and help to make proper design decision in considering performance optimization. This paper shows the workflow with a case study which
applies this methodology for a small scale office building located in Seoul, Korea where it was required to achieve a multi-criteria performance goal.

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