Creative processes in architecture are traditionally dominated by the mediums of sketch and model. The contemporary landscape of burgeoning digital concepts and fabrication often dominates the making process, despite our claim that there is no ‘digital design’, because of the absence of iteration and interpretation within a hermeneutic cycle.

The focus of this project by Evelina Kourteva and Dermott Mc Meel is to investigate ‘digital design’ through the juxtaposition of a human driven and digitally supported creative process. The outcome is a series of objects of ‘Entropy’, that investigate the interaction between creative intention, digital processes, real materiality and space.

Through this they simultaneously bring to centre stage the urge to control form and materiality in an automated manner, and the obfuscation of the creative process via technological error/serendipity or haptic play. This is an investigation of the postdigital future of design, of the merge between design intention/intuition, digital media, craftsmanship, experiment and object.

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