Julia Koerner, Marie Boltenstern and Kais Al-Rawi
AA MSc Emergent Technologies & Design

Cellular Complexity “EVOLVE” is an installation, which exhibits the potential of cellular geometries at a spatial architectural scale. The complex, twisted geometry was generatively designed and digitally fabricated and stands out for cutting edge digital design concept and strategy. The installation was developed through the research of cellular geometries and translation of their performative and spatial qualities to an architectural scale.

Cellular systems exist within the organization of biological systems in a multitude of scales from the nano to the micro and macro; they embody performative properties structurally, thermally and acoustically. This installation rethinks the scale at which these systems organically exist, pushing towards an architectural scale that can be re-organized to a diverse range of applications and performative parameters. The installation capitalizes on the potential of computational algorithmic design methods and the ability to generate complex geometries, which address specific contextual parameters.

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