FabTools by Florian Frank is a set of Clusters, that enhances the ability of Grasshopper. The Tools are for fabrication purposes in Grasshopper and improve your workflow and accelerate your scripting tasks.

  • Bake objects with different attributes.
  • Create: 3D text, text dots, engrave text, point clouds, aligned dimension, angular dimension, diameter dimension, dimensional chains, leader, hatches.
  • Reference: All types of geometries and read their attributes. Read the Rhino groups to a datatree structure in Grasshopper, or load counted geometry to a datatree structure as well.
  • UserData: Read / Write custom user data to all sorts of geometries. This is great for semantics and building information modelling (BIM).

  • Unroll surfaces and breps
  • Create, Delete, Move layouts.
  • Preview geometries in Grasshopper with advanced settings.
  • Capture Rhino viewports to different image file formats.
  • Lots of other useful tools.

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