Foam Shell Structures

Most recent developments in the design of free form shells pursue new approaches in digital fabrication based on material properties and construction-aware design. This research by Marko Jovanovic, Vesna Stojakovic, Marko Vucic, Dejan Mitov, Bojan Tepavčević and Ivana Bajsanski proposed an alternative approach based on implementation of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a non-standard material for shells, in the process of industrial robot fabrication that enables fast and precise cutting of building elements.

Main motivation for using EPS as a building material was driven by numerous advantages when compared to commonly used materials such as: recycleability, cost-efficiency, high earthquake resistance, durability and short assembly time. Authors describe case specific fabrication approach based on numerous production constraints (size of the panels, limited robot workspace, in situ conditions) that directly design the process.

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