Folding The Unfoldable

Folding The Unfoldable
A Method For Constructing Complex-Curved Geometry With Quad Edge

Ergun Akleman1, Negar Kalantar2, Alireza Borhani3
1Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University 2,3Department of Architec- ture, Texas A&M University
1 2,
[email protected] 2,3{kalantar|borhani}

This paper by Ergun Akleman, Negar Kalantar and Alireza Borhani explains a method used during a workshop for constructing complex-curved geometry with quad edge panels. In this workshop, authors demonstrate that quad-edge mesh data structure can efficiently be used to construct complex large shapes. With hands-on experiments, they will show a vast variety of shapes can be constructed using square, rectangular, parallelogram and extruded-line shaped panels.

In addition, using a system authors have recently developed to unfold polygonal mesh, they will demonstrate how desired shapes can be constructed by using laser-cut quadrilateral panels. This approach is particularly suitable to construct complicated sculptural and architectural shapes from anisotropic materials that can only be bended in one direction.

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