Geometry Informs Algorithm

When the Geometry Informs the Algorithm
A hybrid visual/textual programming framework for facade design

Inês Caetano1, António Leitão2
1,2INESC-ID/Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon

Facade design is becoming increasingly complex, forcing architects to more frequently resort to analysis and optimization processes. However, these processes are time-consuming and require the coordination of multiple tools. Algorithmic Design (AD) has the potential to overcome these limitations through the use of algorithms implemented in Textual Programming Languages (TPLs) or Visual Programming Languages (VPLs).

VPLs are more used in architecture due to their smoother learning curve and user-friendliness, but TPLs are better suited than VPLs for handling complex AD problems. To make TPLs more appealing to architects, Inês Caetano and António Leitão incorporated VPLs’ features in the textual paradigm, namely, Visual Input Mechanisms (VIMs).

In this paper, They propose an extension to an existing AD framework for the design exploration, analysis, and optimization of facades to support a TPL-based approach that handles VIMs.

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