Indoor Visual Comfort

Design of a 3D Parametric Facade System
for Given structures
to Enhance Indoor Visual Comfort

Seoyeon Son
Institut für Bauinformatik, Fakultät Bauingenieurwesen
Technische Universität Dresden
June 2019

The goal of the building sector of the German government’s climate policy, Climate Action Plan 2050 (2016), is reducing carbon dioxide emissions as part of universal moral obligation against the global warming. This aim can be realized by improvement of optimization of facade design as one method.

This research by Seoyeon Son proposes optimal daylight performance for the facade of an existing building, which helps designers improve daylight generating optimized design options and understand the relationships between design variables and performance metrics.

This can be provided by parametric design through facilitating model-based analysis and simulations with Revit, Dynamo (the visual programming add-in for Autodesk Revit), Honeybee and Ladybug environmental plugins.

The analysis discovered the new facade model with improved daylight performance through comparing with average and standard deviation of solar irradiance between the early model and the new model. The results were reasonable, but could be improved through detailed analysis and simulations by more parameters and development of daylight environmental plugins.

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