Nonlinear Systems

Nonlinear Systems Biology and Design
Surface Design

Jenny E. Sabin
M.Arch., Lecturer, Dept of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania; Member, Institute for Medicine and Engineering; Senior Researcher, Nonlinear Systems Organization; Director, CabinStudio+
Peter Lloyd Jones
Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; Core
Faculty Member, Institute for Medicine and Engineering; Fellow, Nonlinear Systems Organization

The intent of this paper by Jenny E. Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones, is to jointly investigate fundamental processes in living systems, their potential application in the novel design of responsive surfaces and spatial structures, and their applicability in biomedicine.

Through the investigation of organotypic biological models designed to recapitulate breast tissue homeostasis and cancer, parallel models work to unfold the parametric logic of these biological and responsive membrane and scaffold structures, thereby revealing their deep interior logics.

The result is an abstract surface architecture capable of responding dynamically to both environment (context) and to deeper interior programmed systems.

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