Optimization Algorithm

Parametric Architectural Design Based on Optimization Algorithm

Zhao Liang1,2, Wang Wenshun1
1China University of Mining and Technology, China
2Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology, China

Figure 1: Definition of design problems

As a widely applied method in many fields, parametric design is now finally exerting influences on architectural industry with the rapid development of Internet technology.

For this reason, parametric architectural design is studied in this research based on optimization method. First, parametric design and optimization algorithm are introduced; then, the process of modeling and optimization procedures is discussed; at last, the parametric optimization design is applied to solve the complex architectural design problems.

Figure 2: The parameters of the scheme

Parametric method will thoroughly affect architectural industry. Therefore, architectural designs should be based on optimization algorithm using parametric design to improve the progress and quality of architectural design.

Around the 1990s, the development of Internet and computer technology led to subtle changes in architectural designs. Computer mastery of complex three-dimensional figures is becoming stronger and stronger.

Figure 3: Design evaluation and optimization

Architects started to consider the possibility of applying parametric design method to architectural designs. It is well-known that there are many contradictions in architectural designs.

Architects need to unite these contradictions to form a state of balance to make the finial designs optimal. From this perspective, the combination of parametric design and architectural design is quite natural and perfect.

There are many factors in architectural designs. These factors can be integrated in line with the formation idea of functions and be treated as the combination of various parameters.

Figure 4: The first stage of modeling

Architectural designs include many requirements from the external and internal environment. The direction and general shape of architectural designs are controlled by these requirements, which are regarded as control parameters. Certain connection exists between the above parameters and control parameters.

Some logic relations or mathematical algorithms can be applied to theoretical analysis; consequently, the above connection can be abstracted to form mathematical relations; this way, commands are created.

Figure 5: Modeling in the second stage

Describe the above parameter relations using computer language and establish a model with computer software. After all the above steps, the actual data of the parameters can be entered into the computer through software; related commands can be conducted according to the given algorithms. Finally, a prototype based on control parameters can be achieved.

This is the conception of parametric design. According to the above definitions, the establishment of control parameter is the most important step in parametric designs.

Figure 6: Modeling the third stage

Only in this way can the various contradictory parameters be integrated together during the design process. Consequently, these parameters can be led to an optimal equilibrium point to realize integral optimal design.

In fact, architectural design is an important component of an era during the changing times. Architectural designs of previous eras can hardly meet the requirements of a new era as time goes by.

Figure 7: Modeling stage 4

The emergence of parametric design is actually a call for new design styles when the architectural design system of previous eras falls into a decline. From the technical methods adopted in parametric architectural designs we can see the reflection of the new era.

In-depth utilization of computer science provides parametric architectural designs a reliable foundation in the process to solve the complicated contradictions in architectural designs of the new era. In this regard, parametric design method is a product of the era.

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