Origami Explorations

Origami Explorations
A Generative Parametric Technique For kinetic cellular façade to optimize Daylight Performance

Yomna Saad ElGhazi1, Ayman Hassaan Ahmed Mahmoud2
1Arab Academy For Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Cairo, Egypt
2Department of Architecture Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo Univer- sity, Giza, Egypt
[email protected] [email protected]

At present the kinetics is basic, but there is no doubt that research into the field of responsive building facades will continue, to find more sophisticated design and technical solutions. This research by Yomna Saad ElGhazi and Ayman Hassaan Ahmed Mahmoud, explores the possibilities of kinetic composition afforded by Origami different techniques using squared module.

Origami and paper pleating techniques are one of the conceptual design approaches from which Kinetics can be developed. The paper examines the possibilities of different arrangements of folded modules to create environmental efficient kinetic morphed skins.

The paper aims to achieve different Kinetic origami-based shading screens categorized by series of parameters to provide appropriate daylighting. The main tested parameters are the form of Origami folds, the module size and motion scenarios.

Ten origami cases where explored first using conceptual folded paper maquette modules, then parametrically modelled and simulated at four times of the year, 21st of March, June, September and December, taken every hour of the working day.

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