Parametric Architectural Design

This thesis by Reka Sarkozi examined parametric architecture and its applications on numerous ways. During this research we get an overall view of this branch of architecture and author used this knowledge not only in further research but in design tasks and in education too. Because of that, this research is widespread in the field of parametric architectural design.

Author researched and classified the parametric design tools and she also assigned its connections to traditional architectural design. She created a plug-in for Grasshopper, the parametric software she primarily use, which contains coordinate system transformation tools partly based on another similar tool, Formex Algebra. She also added more tools based on the specifications of parametric design.

With these tools she created numerous domes and tested their static behavior, and analyzed it compared to their graph characteristics. She also included in this thesis work some designs she made with parametric tools, which are connected to her research. These works represent the advantages and applications of parametric design well.

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