Parametric Architecture

The interest of this research by Francesco di Niccolo focuses on the dynamics and the potential of computational design, in particular through the parametric design and writing algorithms.

The research has attempted to synthesize and outline the main design methodologies in the vast panorama of computational design. This thesis also arises as a reflection on complex shapes, trying to find the fine line that separates a successful and pleasant complex outcome by a chaotic and banal one.

Unlike what happened in the past, today is not straightforward identify a typical architectural style or a leading school of architecture; but parametricism has become the dominant, single style for avant-garde practice today, also for large-scale urbanism (Patrik Schumacher, 20081).

It is argued, therefore, that (now more than ever) the project must be driven by a lineal and readable logic, by which the architecture solve the needs for which it was conceived. However, even moving in this direction, the possibilities are endless, and this thesis attempts to draw a map of the main feasible roads. It finally addresses a design path that moves within this map and chasing the purpose of composing an architecture as possible organic and coherent.

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