Performance Driven Architecture

Performance-driven architectural design by Xing Shi and Wenjie Yang, emphasizes on integrated and comprehensive optimization of various quantifiable performances of buildings. As the leading profession of a project team, architects play a vital role in guiding and conducting the performance-driven design. Methodology and techniques start emerging both in literature and practice. However, architects often find them difficult to use for various reasons. Therefore, developing an effective technique to conduct performance-driven design and optimization from the perspective of architects is necessary.

This paper starts from discussing the concept of performance-driven architectural design. Existing methodology and techniques are reviewed. The focus is on selecting a basic platform suitable for architects, upon which the technique can be developed. Rhinoceros, an architectural modeling program, is used, along with its graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper, to establish such technique by incorporating three performance simulation programs, namely Ecotect, Radiance, and EnergyPlus. Design cases are presented to demonstrate the technique and its effectiveness.

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