This paper by Ji Won Jun, Matteo Silverio, Josep Alcover Llubia, Areti Markopoulou, Angelos Chronis and Alexandre Dubor presents a research on adaptive kinetic structures using shape memory alloys as actuators. The target of the research is designing and building an efficient kinetic structural system that could be potentially applied at an architectural scale.

The project is based on the study of tensegrity and pantograph structures as a starting point to develop multiple digital and physical models of different structural systems that can be controllably moved. The result of this design process is a performative prototype that is controllable through a web-based interface.

The main contribution of this project is not any of the presented parts by themselves but the integration of all of them in the creation of a new adaptive system that allows us to envision a novel way of designing, building and experiencing architecture in a dynamic and efficient way.

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