This research by Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani, Daniel Prohasky, Jane Burry, Akbar Akbarzadeh and Nicholas Williams focuses on the design of a Robotic solar analysis platform for critical studies which explore dynamic solar light and heat phenomena within the laboratory. This robotic platform gives designers the opportunity to receive rapid feedback from physical models in real time. The aim of this paper is to propose a solar evaluation platform within the physical domain to engage investigators with tangible experimentation techniques, which may lead to an increased ability to understand the computational process.

The aim of this thermal heliodon is to create a method of solar analysis with the aid of the robot and using its inherent capabilities and CNC flexibilities to engage students and researchers with this mixed physical or digital simulation platform. A novel design of a robot-controlled heliodon to simulate the motion of the Sun is described. It is a simple and relatively low cost accessory, fitted to the robot arm and can easily change the construction laboratory into a sun study lab. This platform gives researchers and students who have access to the robot, the ability to integrate the physical nature of light and heat within the early stage of their design process.

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