Shape Grammars

Embedding Embedding   Garifuna   Shape   Grammars   in   a   Parametric   Design   Software

Dulce Andino, National Cheng Kung  University, Taiwan,   [email protected]
Sheng-­‐Fen Chien,  National  Cheng  Kung  University, Taiwan,   [email protected]

The Garifuna are a group of people that live on the northern coast of Honduras and the coast of Belize. They have a very distinct and vibrant culture. Minority cultures are currently absorbed by mainstreamed cultures and the Garifuna ethnicity is directly influenced by this phenomenon.

In this research it is of special concern to encapsulate Garifuna vernacular architecture by means of shape grammars. The research provides a clear documentation of the grammars implemented in Grasshopper, as well as discusses about the issues of embedding shape grammars in the Rhino/Grasshopper environment.

Shape Grammars

Shape Grammars

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