SuperMesh Toolkit

SuperMesh Toolkit by George Adamopoulos allows you to easily design a large variety of regular or irregular patterns on NURBS Surfaces of any curvature, by tessellating them to special quad-like Meshes, topologically structured in rows and columns.

In contrast to typical Meshes, where each element is described by a 1-Dimensional index [i], the elements of a SuperMesh (SuperPoints, SuperEdges, SuperFaces) are described by 2-Dimensional indices [u,v], which define the row and the column they belong to.

This approach not only allows each element to be aware of its neighboring elements in both directions (left/right, up/down), but also makes operations such as patterning in 2D dimensions, patterning in a radial manner, accessing individual rows, columns, or sub-areas of the Surface much more straightforward and intuitive.

This toolkit also bundles the SuperToggle, an extension of Grasshopper’s native Boolean Toggle, which enables the quick generation of Boolean Lists of arbitrary size!

Last but not least, this plugin includes User Objects for the generation of three popular Origami crease patterns (Miura-Ori, rectangular Ron Resch and Waterbomb), which can be used out-of-the-box with Daniel Piker’s Kangaroo plugin for the simulation of rigid origami folding. These User Objects come as unlocked clusters, so you are free to peek through them and customize them for your projects.